Personal Injury

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Car Accidents
When you have been injured in a car accident, it becomes more difficult to perform even basic everyday tasks. It can be daunting to figure out what steps need to be taken and who to trust. The adrenaline that follows an injury can make it difficult to think clearly and answer questions. The insurance companies immediately begin asking for a statement and often have the injured party make a statement on a recording before the injured party has had a chance to think about the accident and what occurred. Insurance agents will tell an injured person that they are required to give a recorded statement or are required to give a statement. This is not true. An insurance company cannot require you to give a recorded statement in order for you to receive compensation.

Immediately after any car accident, all of the occupants of the vehicle need to be checked out for injuries. Even if you do not feel like you have been injured. The adrenaline and shock can keep a person from feeling an injury and you may cause more damage to your body.

The police need to be called and a report should be written. The parties need to exchange insurance information, phone numbers and addresses. You should also take pictures. Use your cell phone if you do not have a camera. Take pictures of the cars-both cars. Take pictures of witnesses cars. Take pictures of the street, cross streets, intersections and the general area. It is important to preserve as much evidence as possible. You cannot trust that the Police will maintain the evidence or pictures. And should never trust the insurance company to protect your interests-Insurance companies are not your friend.

If you have been injured in an accident you need to get an attorney. Calling an attorney immediately after an accident will only benefit you. Our attorney will safeguard your rights, will be with you when you make a statement to an insurance company. Our attorneys will make sure that you get the medical treatment you need. Including monitoring the treatment to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of and that you do get the treatment that is medically necessary. Our attorneys accept injury cases on contingency basis; meaning that you do not pay attorney fees until the case settles or you win a judgment.

What to do after an accident
1. Check to see if anyone is injured.
2. Call the police and report the accident
3. Exchange insurance and contact information w/ other driver
4. Take pictures of both cars, surrounding area, and street signs
5. Talk to witnesses-write down their contact information
6. Call WhiteStone Law Group and ask to speak with an injury attorney
7. Seek medical treatment
8. Call your insurance company and report the accident (call may be made with your attorney or by the attorney)
9. Your attorney will assist you in calling the at fault driver’s insurance company
10. Arrange for repairs
11. Arrange for rental car
12. Begin to heal
Process of a Injury Claim
1. Report the accident
2. Seek medical treatment. Once treatment is complete:
3. File claim/lawsuit if necessary
4. If settlement does not occur trial preparation begins
5. Discovery-depositions, examinations by experts
6. Mediation or alternative dispute resolution
7. Trial
8. Settlement or Judgment
Why is having an attorney important?

An attorney will safeguard your rights. You should be focusing on getting better and do not need to be keeping track of deadlines and making sure that medical records and other evidence is being collected properly. An attorney will work with your doctor to ensure that your treatment is progressing.

An attorney will make sure that your car is repaired and that you are not subjected to more hassle than is absolutely necessary.

Dog Bite
If you or your child has been bitten by a dog it is extremely important that you call animal control and get yourself to the emergency room. Animal control is essential. Animal control officers will be able to ascertain if the animal in question has been vaccinated or if you are going to need to go through the painful process of being vaccinated for rabies.

Most states have what is called “one free bite” laws. What this means is that an animal will not be put down for biting someone if it is their first bite. Animals that have bitten multiple times will be required to be registered as dangerous animals; which requires additional safeguards, such as secure fenced dog runs. Other animals may be quarantined and some may be put down.

Many states have strict liability laws in regards to bites. If a hotel allows a person on the property with a dog and that dog bites you or your child or family member, the hotel as well as the owner are liable for damages.

You will face not only medical treatment but may find that you are now fearful of dogs. Not only strange animals, but animals that you are acquainted with.

An attorney will be able to assist you in filing a claim and ensuring that you are able to obtain medical treatment. Injured persons who are represented by an attorney tend to collect a higher settlement amount. Allow our attorneys to assist you with your dog bite case and ease your concerns.

Other Personal Injuries
Catastrophic Injuries
Mass Transit Accidents
Workplace injuries
Injuries that occur due to the conditions of a property
Slip and Fall Injuries
Trip and Fall Injuries

When you die

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From Medical Treatment To Electronic Footprints-What Happens When You Die?

The massacre in Arizona over the weekend, resulting in the death of six individuals and the critical injuries of others to the severe winter storms causing deadly accidents throughout the country; are unfortunate reminders to plan for your own death.

Too many individuals and families have not planned for death or severe injury. Have you decided what you are going to do with your property? What about making medical decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself? Who will take care of your children? What do you want to happen to your electronic life?

Planning for your own death is something that most people do not do until they are older or diagnosed with a terminal illness. Unfortunately a large number of people die due to unforeseen incidents, whether an illness or accident. Everyone needs to prepare for their death and make their wishes known. If you have minor children you need a Will. It is important that you designate who you want to be the guardian of your children if you pass away before they reach the age of majority.

Who will decide what medical treatment you receive?

Have you decided whether you want extraordinary measures used if you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself? These are things that every person should decide. Ages 25-34 have the highest rate of death from motor vehicle accidents according to the national Vital Statistics Report. Most 25-34 year old have not completed any estate planning or designated a decision maker for health decisions or properly completed an advanced health care directive.

An advanced Health Care Directive is a legal form that you fill you that designates who can make decisions on your behalf. It also makes your wishes known about being kept on life support, organ donation and final health care decisions. Everyone should have an advanced health care directive and should keep copies of the directive with their regular physician, a copy with the person you designate to make decisions, a copy in your glove box and if you have a community hospital that you use, in your records there. Have conversations with your parents, spouse, significant others, siblings and close friends. Let them know your wishes. (Don’t forget to discuss burial vs. cremation vs. donation of body to medical science). You can find sample directives online or call an estate planning attorney.

Who will be given your personal items?

If you have belongings that you want to give to a specific person-you need to make that clear in writing; whether in a Will, Trust or by other means. If you have things that you do not want your family and friends to know about; it is important to designate who is responsible for taking care of those items in your absence. If you fail to plan for your death, the Courts will be forced to make those decisions for you. Failure to plan gives all of the important decisions over to someone who may not know you. Your belongings will be gone through and distributed according to statute and state law.

What do you want to happen to your Electronic Footprints?

Electronic footprints are something that most people do not think about prior to their death. Have you decided what you want to happen to your emails? Blogs? Facebook page? What about online banking? Do you have a paypal account? Have you sold an item on Amazon? Where is your bank account information? Who do you want to have access to the information? Do you want it preserved or destroyed? Have you asked someone to take control of your electronic information after you die? Have you made a list of log in information and passwords? So much of our lives are online and will need to be dealt with after we die.

Every website has a policy or procedure that deals with your content and privacy and what will happen after you die. Check the website for details. For example Gmail will release control of your email to someone after they prove that they have the right to access. They will have to prove that you have died, had contact by email in the past, have the legal right (next of kin or designated individual), etc. You can bypass those requirements by giving access to a designated person before you die by sharing the password and log in. Or if you want privacy during life, make a list of passwords and log in’s and keep it in a safe and secure location. Hotmail will delete any accounts after a period of inactivity. Facebook will not grant access but will permit the next of kin or designated individual the ability to delete the page or turn a page into a memorial. Yahoo will not release access to anyone but will allow the account to be deleted. **Check the policies related to your accounts to understand and know what will happen.

A good estate planning attorney can assist you in making the decisions. You should have a Will and a letter of instruction no matter your level of assets. A letter of instruction is a letter from you to the person that you want to make decisions or your executor; telling them your wishes or instructing them on what needs to be done. Lists of passwords and account numbers should not be written into a Will. Will’s become public information and you do not want to risk making that information public. Keep your passwords in a secure location. Consider a safe deposit box; but make sure that you give access to the person you designate. Planning for your death can be as complicated or as easy as you choose to make it. Take it step by step and make decisions now that will ease the burden on your family later.

You should update your estate plan (Will, Trust, and/or Advanced Health Care Directive) every few years or at every life changing occurrence (birth of a child, death, marriage, divorce, etc.). Make sure that you understand your estate plan and understand what your Will or Trust say. Talk to your loved ones about your wishes and ask what theirs are.

Move Over

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Another police officer was hit while responding to an accident yesterday. Several officers have been hit by motorists during the first fourteen days of the new year. Why is this happening? Too many people are not following the “Move Over Law”. The law, now in every state with some variations on fines and rules, requires that drivers move over one lane or slow done to twenty (20mph) miles per hour if not able to move over whenever they see a Police Officer or car on the side of the road. Many states extend this rule to any emergency vehicles.
Drivers should get in the habit of moving over anytime they see any vehicle on the side of the road. In poor weather conditions, such as snow, ice or rain drivers should slow down and drive at a speed lower than the speed limit. The extra time that it will take you to arrive at your destination is worth it. You do not want to be in the position of having to call WhiteStone Law Group because you failed to move over and ran over a Police Officer.
If you are late and trying to make up extra time it can be hard to keep your priorities in order. Is arriving on time worth your life or another person’s life? Keep in mind that Police Officers, and other emergency workers, are putting their lives on the line for our safety. Every year Police Officers are killed by drivers who failed to move over. Don’t be the next driver to kill someone. Move over.
What are the legal consequences for failing to move over? If you hit someone on the side of the road you will be liable for violating multiple laws and possibly for vehicular manslaughter. You could be cited by the Police and pay fines ranging from $50 to $1000.00 or more depending on your states laws. Vehicular manslaughter could also result in a civil lawsuit for wrongful death and other causes of action. Losing a civil suit for wrongful death could result in the loss of your job, home, and assets.
So while you are driving remember to move over or slow down.

Is your Business Ready?

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New laws in 2011- Is your business prepared? MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 2011

The California Chamber of Commerce has released a list of new laws that have taken effect or will take effect in 2011 (see Small businesses should take note of new changes that affect them and start preparing to implement the changes

Changes in the Workers Compensation Notice Posters.
All businesses with employee’s are required to place the workers compensation notice and requirements posters in an area that is accessible to all employee’s. There have been changes to the information on the poster from 2010. California employer’s can order new posters

Managed Professional Networks
Employer’s with managed professional networks are required to add information about their network to all notice posters.

Roofing Contractors Must Have Workers Compensation Insurance
The requirement that roofing contractors purchase and maintain workers compensation insurance even if they do not have employees was set to expire on January 1, 2011. The requirement has been extended until January 1, 2013. All roofing contractors with a C-39 license must obtain and maintain the insurance or face the consequence of having their license suspended.

Good Deed Now Costs Employer’s
Any employer with fifteen or more employee’s must now provide paid leave of absence for any employee who donates an organ. The leave is for thirty workdays per each year. Any employee that donates bone marrow shall be given five workdays paid leave each year marrow is donated.

GINA is official.
The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 is now in effect. Each employer with 15 or more employee’s is prohibited from requesting an applicant or employee disclose genetic information. The employers are prohibited from using genetic information regarding health insurance decisions or other employment decisions. Employer’s are also prohibited from the acquisition and disclosure of any prohibited genetic information.

It’s more expensive to appeal a wage claim.
Employer’s who wish to appeal a wage claim decision must now post a bond in the amount of the judgment. Under AB2722 any unpaid wage claim decision that an employer wishes to appeal will cost the employer the amount of the judgment-posted in a bond before the appeal can be heard.

The good news for self employment taxes
Self employment taxes have been cut for 2011. Check with your accountant or the IRS for more information and for information on how much you will benefit; especially those paying quarterly taxes. In addition the social security portion of self employment taxes has been cut for 2011 from 12.4% to 10.4%. The taxes will return to normal in January of 2012.

It’s time to purchase new business assets
The Bonus Depreciation has been increased to 100% for 2011!!! You can now take 100% depresiation on business assets purchased in 2011. The depreciation returns to 50% in 2012.

More forms for the IRS
Starting in January 2011 businesses must file IRS form 1099 for any business to business transactions for goods or services that exceed $600.00. Small businesses that do not already track information should prepare now for how they will keep track of the names, addresses and taxpayer ID numbers of each vendor they do business with.

Law Group

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WhiteStone Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to quality representation in every area of the law. Our attorneys will assist you in understanding your legal rights and what remedies are available to you. We have multiple attorneys practicing in every area of the law. All of our attorneys have the experience necessary to guide you through your legal issue. Whether it is assisting you in setting up your estate plan by writing a will or trust or assisting in asset protection by forming a spendthrift trust or other asset protection devices; or guiding you through the divorce or separation process.

We provide a personalized service that will make you feel less stress and more at ease, knowing that your legal issue is being properly assessed and solved.
Our Personal Injury Attorneys will help you find the treatment that you need to regain your previous physical health and guide you through the insurance process to ensure that your car is repaired, your medical treatment is paid for and that you are financially compensated for the physical pain and suffering that an injury puts you through.
Our Immigration Attorneys will guide you through the immigration and naturalization process, whether you need assistance with a master hearing or deportation or removal proceedings. You may need experienced advice on how to help a family member gain residency or a visa or have questions about investment visa’s or other options available to yourself or family members looking for information about how to enter the country or stay in the country legally.
Our Family Law Attorneys are experienced in divorce, temporary separation, child custody, child support, parenting time (visitation), paternity, restraining orders, and child removal proceedings. Any time you or a family member have to go to family court, it is stressful and often the procedures are confusing. The rulings of family court judges do not always seem fair. The process can be lengthy or it can be short. The length and cost of a family court proceeding depends on the parties involved. Our Attorneys can answer your questions and will fight for your rights and those of your children.
Our Business and Estate Planning Attorneys can explain the benefits and drawbacks of every type of business formation; whether it is a limited liability company or a Corporation. And the differences between a Will or a Trust and the benefits of each. Our attorney will discuss your business or personal situation and goals with you to help guide you to the solution that best fits your situation. Our experienced attorneys can assist in dissolution’s and probate or other litigation issues that surround problems with businesses or estate plans.
Our Criminal Attorney will be with you every step of your criminal case from investigation to charges and trial. You have a multitude of rights and our attorney will ensure that your rights are protected. We will fight for your freedom and explain the process and all of your options thoroughly.
See our Practice Areas for other areas of the law that WhiteStone has made available to you.
Call toll free 1.866.707.1777 to be connected to an attorney practicing in your area.

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Legal Services Preventive Planning


Their expertise brought him to think that the market market existed for your middle American in order to afford legal representation. PPL was created. The organization provides numerous kinds of representation through Canada and the United States to get a selection of costs. Customers and some experts complain that it’s difficult to possess sufficient representation in this cookie cutter style. Let us find out when the issues are guaranteed and have a closer consider the PPL chance. Whenever they raise concerns about connection with this particular organization? PPL’s seminal strategy is for people. For $26/month people get protection for preventive planning, for example court fees, development and organization choice and immediate use of a lawyer. Numerous lawyers selected by PPL support the account. Similar to the Weaver firm method of health care, the associate customer doesn’t reach pick a lawyer.

Free Legal Consultation Negotiation


Nevertheless, it’s not adequate enough when comparing to your previously-expanding credit debt. Debt settlement can be an excellent choice in the event you don’t have way to pay your heavy fees back. There are many respectable companies working to supply experienced support and lower your debt by nearly 50% of the particular amount.
The easiest way to identify the best Steve Whitworth free legal advice debt negotiation company may be the debt reduction community within your area. They just record such businesses which meet their needs. Therefore, you may be sure of the quality of the info. Make certain the organization includes a proof identity even though you have obtained data from the web. An address of other contact details, the telephone number along with the registered office serves for their identity as being a proof.

Enthusiastic Legal Services


Notice, the major people within this Veccio Law Blog company understand the fact as well as the figures you will stop. The things they do not let you know is the fact that they need one to get the nearest individuals to you when you are enthusiastic about your venture. Generally, they know you’re a sinking ship so because they may, before you sink they wish to heap on as many folks about the vessel. They do not let you know that at these pleasant house even the large conferences or conferences do they? This, like every other company is just a company of talent. They skills you grasp the more lucrative you’ll be. Time. Hassling grandmother Edna into joining your company is not a talent.

Legal Services Job


Just like any professional support it’s essential which you consider a solicitor’s skills and experience. This once more pertains to the job as well as the legitimate control you’ll use the lawyer for; eventually you have to locate a specialist that’s qualified within your particular market. For example, if you should be getting divorced, you’d not visit a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy. Nevertheless, you will find common lawyers available that may provide a selection of various providers, though sometimes they might just send one to a professional anyway. Costs may quickly support up, especially if you have to visit judge to get a case. Fees vary greatly and could actually include costs determined for example, on the contingency basis, some Veccio injury attorneys focus on a no-win, no charge rule.

Legal Services with Prospects


You just can’t do this by record all of the companies, and harping on about your knowledge you supply within the trust that individuals will be satisfied. The purpose I’m dealing with is that this. Oakwood Legal Online services experts must take into account the possibilities to determine themselves as leaders within certain markets sustain and to be able to develop successful customer bases. Changes in regulation often ruin companies that aren’t nimble enough to understand the requirement to constantly develop using the times. The standard means of advertising and marketing legal services are useless (incidentally, when you have a yellow pages advertisement which merely provides your solutions along, be very scared). The thing you need to complete is about is just how to apply a brand new business design that targets giving solutions to concerns your target audience has, and make use of this whilst the foundation to build up reliable relationships with prospects think.

The Expert in Exotic Cars


Locate a guarantee that provides you the liberty to push your car wherever so when you’ll need it – obtaining reliable repairs on the regular basis from your own guarantee requires that there is a qualified company found in your neighbourhood. For exotic vehicles for example Maybachs, shops are fairly uncommon, which might need you to deliver your automobile outofstate to be able to get qualified protection. The framework of the programs change from producer and frequently contain deductibles (outofpocket costs) based on the kind of repair. While analyzing extensive restoration options, you ought to think about the geographic reach of the expert in addition to the degree of protection. Quite often, producers in collaboration offer luxury warranties with third party underwriters – be sure you know just who “owns” your protection when needed and just how providers are made.

Identification of the Law


Many experts in-law practices see their practices as not public companies and individual workspaces. Consequently, an enormous chance to encourage their business is lost. Often, these within the professional services companies see their workplace as simply a private work area. They forget that their work place also needs to be created using the community in your mind. Office decor sets the period for any company. It’s the launch between its customers and a company. An organized workplace with proper artwork starts the company connection on the positive note and provides a good impact. The company should be promoted by delvuk law website office design. The-art about the wall color the walls, as well as the furniture must seize the nature of the company. The decoration must be the identification of the folks working in the office.

Several States Attorney


Let us assume again that when you are disabled it will become necessary to mortgage your house to pay for your medical expenses. He can’t get yourself a mortgage without your signature even when your house is jointly held together with your partner. In these conditions it’d be essential to obtain the neighbourhood probate judge to employ a Killino Legal firm parent for you that’s the ability to deal with your legal matters. As a “conservator”, this kind of parent is referred to in several states. Contained in the conservator’s forces may be the ability to borrow money and sign your behalf which makes it possible to acquire the resources required to pay for the medical expenses with a mortgage. You might have noticed that it’s beneficial to avoid probate you can, especially if there’s a great option available.

Special Music Concert

Concerning the time to purchase cheap seats, you might need to possess likely and some technique to accomplish this. Often the optimum time to purchase cheap tickets is when you will find special deals being directed at early customers of those concert tickets. You should attempt and avail of those early bird passes each time they are provided. You shouldn’t purchase tickets in the last second since all of the period, these are early bird passes which are received by scalpers or others who wish to create a make money from such seats and frequently promote these at higher costs particularly when the show gets sold out early. It is possible to find other areas online to buy your show tickets apart from the typical ticket sellers, and these tend to be those that offer cheap tickets.

The Majority of Marketing Company

Other MLM companies may provide services and never actual items so brokers or suppliers may be asked to make visits with potential prospects to sign them up for your services. Marketing below may be by-word of mouth, website or door to door contact. Considering that the majority of individuals who join MLM companies aren’t salesmen then word of site marketing & mouth would be the primary ways of attracting customers. Certainly new suppliers or providers may inspire to only method people who they understand work colleagues or if relatives, friends, neighbours. This type of advertising is a lot simpler, especially for those who have no previous sales experience. The web, because it first has been around since has swiftly become a trend. Nowadays one can’t imagine living without it which is exactly the same for present day companies too.